Our agency fees for furnished rentals

Fees charged to the tenant

The fees (for visits, assembling the file and drafting the lease agreement) amount 15% incl.tax of the total rent, to which 30€ incl.tax of application fee are added, this global amount having an upper limit of 15€ incl.tax/sqm (12€ incl.tax for main residences), to which 3€ incl.tax could be added for setting up the inventory of fixtures.

Fees charged to the owner

START offer fees:

Fees of 7.75% VAT spread over the duration of the lease.
This amount represents the total cost of preparing the rental file and drafting a lease (3.6% including VAT) plus the cost of marketing, negotiating and managing financial flows (4.15% including VAT).

ESSENTIAL offer fees:


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