Are you a property manager, a real estate developer, a real estate professional… and you are looking for an opportunity to boost your business?
For us to develop our business in major French cities, notably Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse, we are looking for trusted local business partners that we can count on…

Why work with Lodgis?

1/ Increase the profitability of your real estate stock

  • Internationally visible
  • 95% occupation rate
  • Selected and reliable tenant files
  • A rental process 100% online
  • Secure and managed revenue

2/ Make the management of your real estate stock easier

  • More than 95% occupation rate
    ¤ 3.500 to 5.000 rental requests each month
    ¤ 700 leases entered into each month
  • Secure rentals with controlled durations
    ¤ 75% of foreign customers on the move and with purchasing power
    ¤ Flexible rentals (from 1 to 12 months) in compliance with regulations
    ¤ All files are studied to only offer you the best

3/ Maintain control over your real estate stock

  • You remain the sole point of contact for the landlord
  • Your management income is preserved
  • Our offer insures the rental income of the owner
Today, already more than 30 real estate independent managers trust us with the marketing of their properties in Paris... Contact us

You & Lodgis:
a win-win partnership

The furnished rental market is booming in major French cities. In fact, professional and student mobility is growing, creating important needs in terms of housing, and many of Lodgis’ Parisian and foreign owners wish to make rental investments in cities where the profitability is very enticing

And if we become partners?

  • Lodgis brings you its own tenant AND owner clientele
  • You benefit from Lodgis’ tools and visibility for free to market the goods of your real estate stock

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